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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Download Intex Stock ROM For All Models

Download Intex Stock ROM For All Models

Here we have managed to provide Intex stock ROM for all models. By downloading and flashing this stock ROM on your device, you will be able to recover warranty, and the ability to get future stock updates.

Download Intex Stock ROM For All Models:

Intex Model NumberDownload LinkStock ROM CountryAndroid Version
Intex Aqua 3.2DownloadAllAndroid 2.3.6
Intex Aqua 3G MiniDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua 3GDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua 3G StarDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua 3G PlusDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua 4DownloadAllAndroid 2.3.5
Intex Aqua 3XDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua 4XDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Aqua 4.5EDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua 5.0DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua 5DownloadAllAndroid 4.0
Intex Aqua A1DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua 5XDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua AmazeDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua ActiveDownloadAllAndroid 2.3
Intex Aqua CurveDownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua AmoledDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua DesireDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Curve MiniDownloadAllAndroid 4.4
Intex Aqua FlashDownloadAllAndroid 4.0
Intex Aqua EcoDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Aqua GlowDownloadAllAndroid 2.3.6
Intex Aqua GloryDownloadAllAndroid 2.3.6
Intex Aqua HD 5.0DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua HDDownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua i3DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Aqua i2DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua i4 PlusDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua i4DownloadAllAndroid 4.4
Intex Aqua i5 HDDownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua i5DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua i6DownloadAllAndroid4.2
Intex Aqua i5 MiniDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Aqua i14DownloadAllAndroid4.4.2
Intex Aqua i7DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua KatDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua i15DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua Marvel PlusDownloadAllAndroid 2.3
Intex Aqua MarvelDownloadAllAndroid2.3
Intex Aqua N4DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Aqua N2DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua N8DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua N7DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Aqua N15DownloadAllAndroid4.4.2
Intex Aqua N11DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua OctaDownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua N17DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Aqua P3DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua P2DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Power HDDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua PowerDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Q3DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Q1DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua R2DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua QwertyDownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua SDownloadAllAndroid 2.3.6
Intex Aqua R3DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua SpeedDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua SliceDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Star 2DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua StarDownloadAllAndroid 2.3
Intex Aqua Star HDDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Star 5.0DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Star LDownloadAllAndroid 5.0
Intex Aqua Star PowerDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Style MiniDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua StyleDownloadAllAndroid 4.0
Intex Aqua Style 4.0DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Style ProDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Style XDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Style VXDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua SwadeshDownloadAllAndroid 2.3
Intex Aqua SuperbDownloadAllAndroid 4.1
Intex Aqua T2DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua SXDownloadAllAndroid 2.3.6
Intex Aqua T4DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua T3DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua TrendyDownloadAllAndroid 2.3.6
Intex Aqua T5DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua V PlusDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua V 3GDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua V4DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua V2DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Wonder QuadcoreDownloadAllAndroid 4.1
Intex Aqua WonderDownloadAllAndroid 4.1
Intex Aqua X15DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua XDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Y2DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Aqua XtremeDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Y2 RemoteDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Aqua Y2 ProDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Cloud GDownloadAllNot Available
Intex Aqua Y3DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Cloud X PlusDownloadAllAndroid 2.3
Intex Cloud FXDownloadAllFirefox OS
Intex Cloud X1 PlusDownloadAllAndroid 2.3
Intex Cloud X1DownloadAllAndroid 2.3
Intex Cloud X3DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Cloud X2DownloadAllAndroid 2.3.5
Intex Cloud X4DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Cloud X3 PlusDownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Cloud X11DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Cloud X5DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Cloud Y1DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Intex Cloud X12DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Cloud Y3DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Cloud Y2DownloadAllAndroid4.2
Intex Cloud Y4 PlusDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Cloud Y4DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Cloud Y7DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Cloud Y5DownloadAllAndroid 4.0
Intex Cloud Y11DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Cloud Y10DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Cloud Y13DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Cloud Y12DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex Cloud Y17DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Cloud Y13 PlusDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex Cloud Z5DownloadAllAndroid 4.0
Intex Cloud Y17 PlusDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Intex I-BuddyDownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4
Intex Cloud Z6DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Intex I-Buddy 7DownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4
Intex I-Buddy 3DownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4
Intex I-Buddy Connect 3GDownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4
Intex I-Buddy 7-2DownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4
Intex I-Tab 5TDownloadAllAndroid 2.3
Intex I-Buddy Connect II 3GDownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4

1) All the stock ROMs which we have given above are provided officially by Mobiles. If you encounter any issues with these stock ROMs while trying to flash them, contact   Mobile support.
2) If you would want to connect your Spice android devices to the computer, download Spice USB drivers and install it in your computer.

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