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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Download XOLO Stock ROM For All Models

Download XOLO Stock ROM For All Models

Here are Stock ROM’s for all XOLO smartphones. These are made by XOLO officially so you can install them without any issue.

Download XOLO Stock ROM For All Models

Xolo Model NumberDownload LinkStock ROM CountryAndroid Version
Xolo 8X-1000DownloadAllAndroid 4.4
Xolo A500DownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4
Xolo 8X-1020DownloadAllAndroid 4.4
Xolo A500LDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo A500 ClubDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
XoloA500s IPSDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
XoloA500sDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
XoloA510sDownloadAllAndroid 4.2
XoloA500s LiteDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo A600DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
XoloA550s IPSDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo A700sDownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Xolo A700DownloadAllAndroid 4.1.2
Xolo A1000DownloadAllAndroid 4.1.1
Xolo A800DownloadAllAndroid 4.1.2
Xolo A1000s LiteDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo A1000sDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo B700DownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4
Xolo A1010DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo LT2000DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo LT900DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo Omega 5.5DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Omega 5.0DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Play 6X 1000DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo OneDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Play 8X 1200DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Play 8X 1100DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo PrimeDownloadAllAndroid 5.0
Xolo Play T1000DownloadAllAndroid 4.1.1
Xolo Q500s IPSDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q500DownloadAllAndroid 4.1.1
Xolo Q520sDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q510sDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo Q600sDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q600DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.1
Xolo Q610sDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q600 ClubDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q700 ClubDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q700DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.1
Xolo Q700s PlusDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q700sDownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Xolo Q700iDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.1
Xolo Q800DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo Q710sDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q900DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo Q800 X-EditionDownloadAllAndroid 4.1.2
Xolo Q900s PlusDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q900sDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q1000DownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo Q900TDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo Q1000s PlusDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo Q1000sDownloadAllAndroid 4.2.2
Xolo Q1000 Opus 2DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q1000 OpusDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Xolo Q1000 Opus HDDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
1) All the stock ROMs which we have given above are provided officially by Mobiles. If you encounter any issues with these stock ROMs while trying to flash them, contact   Mobile support.
2) If you would want to connect your Spice android devices to the computer, download Spice USB drivers and install it in your computer.

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